Guide to the Qualifications of Engineering

If you wish to become an engineer, then you need to have an engineering degree. Each university will have its own course structure and subjects, but there are qualifications that are standards for all English speaking countries. There are countries that require professional accreditation as part of getting a bachelor's degree but there are also some countries that require additional qualifications for a bachelor's graduate to be considered a professional engineer.

In comparison to other university degrees, the engineering degree is more challenging and requires more time to finish.

The minimum academic requirement for engineers is a Bachelor of Engineering degree. You should achieve this degree if you want to work as an engineer. During the bachelor's degree all students are required to complete a major project. This is self-directed and allows the student to apply whatever he has learned throughout the course. The bachelor's degree is typically 4 years which includes industry placement in an engineering company.

If you have completed your Bachelor's degree, you can pursue further studies which are known as graduate or postgraduate course. In post graduate engineering courses, there are two categories namely Master's and Doctorate. Click here!         

You can complete a Master of Engineering either by research or coursework. In coursework, you take up advanced classes in a chosen discipline. This will allow you to enhance your knowledge and gain a more in-depth understanding of technical concepts and applications. If you are going to do research, then you need to undertake a small project and product a thesis detailing the work you have done. The purpose of the project is to research and develop a new technique that does not exist in existing technical literature. It is similar to a PhD with less required innovation.

The highest engineering qualification is the Doctor of Engineering. Here you need to make a thesis that details the new research that you have done. It is similar to the masters by research but it needs more innovation and contribution. It is not common for aspiring PhDs to take coursework. You need three years to complete your PhD in Engineering in addition to your bachelor's degree. In order to be considered a PhD you need to maintain excellent academic records.

An alternative for those who are not able to meet engineering entry requirements of a bachelor's degree is the engineering diploma. The coursework here is more practical than the degree programs. They are also broader in content. This is valuable qualification for some countries. It is also used to be able to enter the Bachelor's degree. In order to transfer to a degree course, one has to sustain a level of academic excellence in a diploma.

These are the qualifications for an engineer to be able to work in the industry as a professional.